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ERSEM is a marine biogeochemical and ecosystem model. It describes the cycling of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, silicon, oxygen and iron through the lower trophic level pelagic and benthic ecosystems.


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How to cite

To refer to ERSEM in publications, please cite:

Butenschön, M., Clark, J., Aldridge, J.N., Allen, J.I., Artioli, Y., Blackford, J., Bruggeman, J., Cazenave, P., Ciavatta, S., Kay, S., Lessin, G., van Leeuwen, S., van der Molen, J., de Mora, L., Polimene, L., Sailley, S., Stephens, N., Torres, R. (2016). ERSEM 15.06: a generic model for marine biogeochemistry and the ecosystem dynamics of the lower trophic levels. Geoscientific Model Development, 9(4), 1293–1339. doi: 10.5194/gmd-9-1293-2016.

To refer specifically to the ERSEM source code, you may use its Zenodo DOI: